NEW La Lola Mango Loco and Chico Loops

Churreria La Lola‘s latest offering: The Mango Loco (P160). 

The Mango Loco is La Lola’s version of the popular mango-float dessert, using their signature churros. Churros topped with ripe mango chunks, vanilla ice cream, and a generous topping of crushed graham crackers and dulce de leche.

Aside from Mango Loco, Churreria La Lola is also launching the Chico Loops (P130/three pieces, P250/six pieces), or churros shaped into loops and covered with chocolate and lots of other toppings like crushed Oreos, candy sprinkles, and more.  Six flavors are available: Butternuts, Whiteos, Darkmallows, Berryzle, Matchazle, and Ubesprinks.