Serenitea New Cookie-Topped Drinks

Serenitea‘s new Cookie Brulee series.

Milk-tea lovers who want a sweet twist should go for the Cookie Brulee Milk Tea.

PHOTO BY Serenitea


The Cookie Supreme Milk Tea comes with a rich, sweet-salty top.

PHOTO BY Serenitea

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Each drink in the line-up features a rich and creamy Choco Cookie Custard with chocolate-cookie bits for extra crunch. There are three drinks in the series: Cookie Brulee Milk Tea (P120/medium, P135/large) with a milk-tea base and a Choco Cookie Custard top, Cookie Supreme Milk Tea (P155/medium, P170/large) with an additional layer of sweet-salty Cookie Frost, and Cookie Supreme Matcha (P175/medium, P190/large) with a matcha base.


Green-tea lovers should go for the Cookie Supreme Matcha.

PHOTO BY Serenitea

“We decided to feature and highlight this flavor because our customers love anything with cookies,” shares Serenitea through Ojie Ocampo, managing partner and creative director for Ad Hoc, the brand’s PR agency. “We didn’t want to give them something rehashed or passé. We thought of innovating the flavor with something that is sinful yet unexpected, thus the fusion with the well loved crème brulee.” The drinks are only available for a limited time only.