Din Tai Fung New Dessert Taro Xiaolongbao

Din Tai Fung launched a dessert xiao long bao—the Chocolate Lava Xiaolongbao, which was an original flavor by Din Tai Fung Philippines. They’re trying their hand once again at creating a dessert xiao long bao with their newest flavor, the Taro Xiaolongbao (P110/three pieces).

The Taro Xiaolongbao is stuffed with a sweet-nutty taro paste.

PHOTO BY Din Tai Fung

While not as sweet as the Chocolate Lava Xiaolongbao, the Taro Xiaolongbao has the distinctive sweet-nutty flavor of taro. Nikki Sindiong, PR and Communications Senior Officer at The Moment Group, shares that this dessert xiao long bao is only offered at Din Tai Fung branches in Japan, U.S.A., Taiwan, and Hong Kong—and now the Philippines. The Taro Xiaolongbao is a limited-time offer that’s only available until September 29.