A Sagada Mountain Adventure: Tour Package with 3D/2N Accommodations

When people talk about vacations, more often than not, it’s about a beach trip. However, there are some of us that prefer the elevation and the cool and clean mountain air over sand and surf. There’s also such a sense of adventure when you say “I’m heading to the mountains”.

Now, if you feel the same way about mountains as we do, we’re pretty sure you’ll love visiting Sagada. It’s got everything a mountain adventure should have: caves, water falls, tomb raiding, and coffee (they have good mountain grown coffee). Doesn’t it sound exciting?

We’d head to Sagada right now if we didn’t have to keep the site running. Instead, we’ll just offer you the package that we would have taken ourselves. We have a 3D/2N accommodation at the Kanip-aw Pines View Lodge. It has a breathtaking view right from your window. Then take tours around Sagada; all with the proper local guides, photographers, and first-aid and security consultants. There’s even a little side trip to this place called the Banaue Rice Terraces. You might have heard about that place.

Now head on up to Sagada. We just wished we could join you.

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