A Trip for Pairs: 3D/2N Stay for Two at Fort Ilocandia with City Tour

Some things are better in pairs: pants, scissors, eyeglasses, shoes, etc. With this philosophy in mind, we decided that a stay at the 5-star Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel in Ilocos Norte should be enjoyed as a pair. This offer lets you and a partner stay at a Standard Room for a pair of nights. The pair of you also gets to partake of a buffet breakfast the next morning. It goes without saying that both of you get to use the hotel facilities for free. Even the casino will let the two of you in for nothing.

If you and your partner want to see the sights around Ilocos Norte, the tour around the different historical and iconic sights should be fun. After all, how many times can you actually say you saw a dead president or a bell tower sinking in sand?

Now call up your buddy and the pair of you head off to Ilocos. Grab this offer and enjoy the trip together.

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