Create a Flawless Finish with a Vibrating BB Cream Applicator from Korea!

We at Deal Dozen are excited to offer one of Korea’s latest beauty trends: the Vibrating BB Cream Applicator! With a built-in sponge and electronic vibrations, this nifty little gadget helps spread your BB Cream seamlessly, creating a flawless, photo finish look!Great skin is essential to looking good. This applicator produces vibrations that will give you the smoothest and most even application for beautiful, unblemished skin. In this exclusive deal, get your own vibrating BB Cream applicator and never worry about patchy and uneven skin anymore! It’s extremely easy to use. Simply apply the BB cream or any liquid foundation directly over the sponge that is attached to the applicator. Turn on the device, run it over your face and let it do its’ job.Save precious minutes of your day each morning with this quick and easy ritual that will have you flaunting a gorgeous ‘naked’ skin look!



Xplore is your one-stop shop for everything new and innovative. The company is dedicated to continuously offer the latest and useful products consumers need.

Thinking the Best Solutions as our starting point, we, at Xplore are constantly involved in the development of daring and positive new products. In line with our corporate statement “Looking for the next thing,” it is our aim to continue to provide our customers with the very best in cutting-edge solutions. We will continue to grow as a specialized trading company that provides “top-class products” incorporating the most innovative products.

Xplore started as a supplier of travel accessories. In 2011, Xplore introduced the vacuum compressed bags in the Philippines, in which over thousands were sold online. No doubt, the company was able to help numerous travelers in packing their baggage last holiday season.

In 2012, Xplore is launching its new and stylish TRAVEL REFILLABLE PERFUME BOTTLE. It is definitely also a must-have travel essential. You will no longer be hassled during immigration inspection because its liquid capacity is certified aircraft-approved less than 3 oz. The bottle is easy to refill, no spills.

And in the years to come, Xplore will continue to provide your requirements, with top level international expertise, at local Asian prices. Every new product development evolves from the experience gained with previous products. As a result, customer can be assured that every new product introduced, is brought to perfection before it is presented to the global market.

We, at Xplore, continue to be dedicated to the introduction of the most advanced products. We appreciate our customers’ loyalty and our suppliers’ ongoing cooperation and assistance, and we look forward to continuous growth and progress in the future.

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