Get Beautiful Lashes w/ Majolica Majorca's Best Seller: Lash King Mascara!

Due to popular demand, we’re bringing it back!In this exclusive deal through Deal Dozen, you can now own Majolica Majorca’s world famous mascara at an amazingly low price!The Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara comes in the color black. Perfect for daily use or even for your nights out on the town!This luxurious mascara contains 5mm of super long fibers that cling to your lashes, giving added definition to your eyes and providing an eyeliner effect for extra oomph.Want longer lashes? This smudge proof and water proof mascara is sure to lengthen your lashes and give your peepers a prettier finish. Its long fibers combined with high-grade stretchy mascara liquid are sure to coat every strand and hold a curl from day to night.Contains Vitamin E Derivative and macadamia nut oil that act as care cuticles. They give firmness to the lashes while giving them extra treatment.Also contains gloss oil for a shiny finish that defines the blackness of the lashes.Lashes are guaranteed to look much longer, giving you that flirty finish that’s guaranteed to catch anyone’s eye!Majolica Majorca’s Last Expander Frame Plus Mascara is also the perfect gift for that special girl in your life. Whether she’s your girlfriend, wife, daughter or even your niece, this gift is sure to put a smile on her face and an extra twinkle in her eye!

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Shiseido Company, the leading Japanese cosmetics producer established in 1872 as Shiseido Pharmacy, is the oldest cosmetics company in the world.Always a pioneer in addressing the needs of its valued clients, Shiseido has grown a long way from its pharmaceutical beginnings to one of the biggest global players in the Cosmetics industry. It caters to a wide market from the more mature crowd to the young professionals including teens.

Shiseido has created an exciting brand in Majolica Majorca. Inspiration of the name came from the legend of a mythical bird that transformed from an ordinary simple being into something beautiful and grand. Backed up by impeccable Japanese technology and precision partnered with decades of experience and knowledge from Shiseido, Majolica Majorca cosmetics promises high-quality and stylish products that are sure to grant the wishes and desires of the vibrant and sassy youth of today.

Majolica Majorca boasts of a wide selection of make-up suitable for the present day active young woman, professionals and students alike. Similar to a magic potion, these cosmetics are amazingly effective. The products are carefully formulated with selected ingredients, with all of them packed with the knowledge and know-how to make your dream transformation come true.

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