Indulge in Delicious Pure Milk & Dark Chocolate Squares By Villa Del Conte

Satisfy your craving with a box of Villa Del Conte’s Pure Milk & Dark Chocolate Squares! Indulge in a box of 24 pieces of chocolatey goodness that’s enough to share, but delicious enough to keep all to yourself! Whether you’re buying it to celebrate a special occasion, or you’re simply looking forward to sharing the sweet and creamy flavor of each piece with your loved ones, Villa del Conte’s Chocolate Squares are the perfect gift idea!Visit the Villa del Conte stores today and be transported to Padova Italy! Everything about their stores- from the carefully aged bricks to the antique copper pots and hand- forged wrought iron frames- invoke the warm, homey, rustic feel of rural Italy.

Villa Del Conte
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Cioccolato Artigianale (Artisinal Chocolate)

The cacao beans used in making our cioccolatini are handpicked to ensure that only the beans of the highest standards are used in making our artisanal creations. Each piece passes through our unique process, which we perfected throughout the years. We believe that aside from our age-old practices, premium-quality cacao is the foundation of great chocolate. Whats more, our cacao ratios in our chocolates are always high, ensuring the quality and intense taste of our delicious treats.

La Nostra Storia (Our Heritage)

Ours is a story that spans three generations. The making of this confectionary masterpiece started with the hands of Nazzareno Cattapan whose pioneering spirit and passion for creating only the finest cioccolato gave birth to a thriving craft. For us at Villa Del Conte, chocolate is not just a resplendent dessert but also an edible art form.

It is in the idyllic rural locale of Villa Del Conte in Padova, Italy where we create our artisanal chocolates. Much like an heirloom, each recipe is passed on from father to son. Nazzareno bequeathed the cioccolato legacy to his son, Orfeo Celestino who in turn, also passed it on to his. Today, at the helm of the operations is the third-generation cioccolato connoisseur Enrico Nazzareno Cattapan.

For 75 years now, we have been making traditional fine chocolates handcrafted by our artisans in our factory in Italy. With decades of experience in our craft, we make sure that premium ingredients go into each cioccolatini so that every bite is seeping with sumptuous flavors that only authentic, first-grade chocolates can offer.

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