Maximizing the Fort: 2D/1N Package for Two at Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel

Travelling in the Philippines is a vast topic, mainly because there are so many places to visit. You can pick any direction on the compass and you’ll definitely hit an interesting locale. We decided to throw darts at a map to pick where to go. Fate has decided. It’s off to Ilocos Norte.

Ilocos Norte has the distinct honor of having the only 5-star rated hotel in the area, the Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel. This place has all the amenities you would expect any good hotel to have: a pool, shopping arcade, golf course, casino, and restaurants. Of course, if it’s the unique that you’re looking for, it has it too. Let’s start with the ambiance, entirely relaxing with the Spanish inspired design. Then you have sand dunes, pine trees, and a beach all within a close proximity. This is definitely a place that you won’t have problems finding what to do.

We’ll offer a trip to Fort Ilocandia for a bargain. Bring a friend with you and stay in a standard room. You’ll even get to indulge in the breakfast buffet the next morning. There’s actually more to throw in like free casino entrance, discounts on car rentals and restaurants. Talk about maximizing the trip. So go on, pack your bags, and head to Ilocos Norte.

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