Never Get Lost: Vector V100 Portable GPS

Ah, summer, a time to get out and lose yourself at the beach, the mountains, or anywhere else in between. However, we at iGrab don’t want you to lose yourself literally. That’s why we have the Vector V100 Portable GPS for you to grab.

But even if you’re not leaving the confines of the city, there is still a need to have a GPS; especially when driving to an unfamiliar area of the Metro.

Finding where you want to go is not a problem for the V100. Because it uses Accu-map, you have access to over 38,000 Points of Interests from service stations to restaurants throughout the country. Navigating the V100 is also a breeze with the NDrive software. Just input the destination and it will do the rest with its turn-by-turn voice navigation. It will also alert you of speed limit areas as well as calculate alternative routes if you find yourself in a traffic jam.

Speaking of traffic jams, with its FM transmitter, you can listen to music from the V100’s built-in storage and microSD through your car stereo.

Normally, the Vector V100 will cost you almost P10,000 (P9995 to be exact). However, you can grab this excellent GPS navigator for only P6450. Never be lost again with the Vector V100!

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