The Qi To Positive Energy: Feng Shui Mantra Bracelet

With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, you’ve got to get your qi (chi, ki, the force) all fixed. After all, you don’t want to enter the year of the snake with all the bad juju following you. Feng Shui (the Chinese system of geomancy) has a quick way of moving your qi to the positive side of the scale. It recommends you wear bracelets with specific gemstones. They’re even more powerful when you attach a mantra to them.

Just by reading this far, we feel your qi is getting better already. You see, at iGrab we have several of these mantra bracelets available. They’re made of beautiful gemstones and have a mantra inscribed on them. All of them have a specific purpose and will protect you against negative karma. Grab a bracelet or two and start the Chinese New Year full of positive qi.

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