You’ve Got the Power: 5600mAh PowerJuice Power Bank

We love our smart phones on iGrab. In fact, we’ve offered some of our favorites on the site before. Tiny computers these things are. We get to do everything on them from games, email, browse the net, even make calls and send messages. The downside to these uber devices; they suck up power like there’s no tomorrow. If you have a data plan on all the time, expect your battery to go flat in half-a-day. We don’t know about you, but a dead phone makes us feel naked.

If you’re stuck at a desk, power problems may not be as bad. You can keep the phone plugged in all the time. But what happens if you’re on the road and away from an electrical outlet? This is where we have the solution.

We have this little device called a Power Bank. It’s a battery that stores 5600mAh of electrical juice to charge your device while you’re mobile. It comes with different cable tips that fit different devices, not just phones. It’s small, it’s light, and it’s powerful. You’ll never have to have your phone konk out on you again. 

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