Bulla Fruit' n Yogurt Ice Cream – Mango

Bulla Fruit

Cool down this sizzling summer with a scoop of yoghurt ice cream with this tempting CashCashPinoy deal only P261 instead of P435 for one (1) Bulla Fruit’ n Yogurt Ice Cream 2L Tub – Mango!

Experience the sweet and creamy delight that is yoghurt ice cream in Bulla’s enticing Mango flavor. It’s made with fresh yoghurt and milk from Bulla’s farms in Australia plus fresh fruits. You can really taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients in each spoonful. It contains healthy AB Cultures that aid digestion and help strengthen your immune system. It’s the low-fat type so it’s light on the calories and friendly to those watching their fat intake. This can be enjoyed as is, combined with milk for a milkshake, or topped with syrup and fruits for a sundae! And it comes with an Easy Open Flip Top Lid so serving to an entire family is easier.

Bulla is one of Australia’s leading dairy product manufacturers for over a century now. They make premium quality consumer products as well as gourmet dairy ingredients that are used by top hotels and restaurants around the world. Their commitment to their high standard of quality is what makes their products reliable, healthy, and delightfully delicious.