You've got the Beat: 3 hours at the Beat Karaoke Bar

Long hair? Check! Leather pants? Check! Boots? Check! Voice? We got to work on that. What better place to knock a few songs out and feel like a rock star than at Beat Karaoke Bar? With an extensive list of tunes available we’ve got a lot of material to practice our vocal chops on. With friends around, we have a captive audience to entertain (or torment). Needless to say, we’ll have a great time channeling our inner Axl Rose (unless you’re a Justin Bieber kind of guy, we won’t judge).

Speaking of your friends (or torture-victims as you do your best Steven Tyler impression), the set meals, which are good for 12 and the 20 drink should be enough to ease their tormented souls.

If these sound like your idea of a good time, then your stage is set at the Burgos Circle. Grab a microphone and sing!

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