Apple iPod Music Belkin Power Bundle

An iPod is an iPod is an iPod, right? Not necessarily as the latest iPod nano is the thinnest that it has ever been. But don’t let that mislead you as this latest iPod packs a hefty punch. Sure, it does music – and great sounding music, at that – but it does so much more. First off, not only can you view photos on the nano; it will also play widescreen videos at full screen. No black borders with this little thing.

The iPod nano is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. It has a built-in pedometer and support for Nike+ so that you can track activities.

Oh, and did we mention that it looks gorgeous? It comes in six different pastel colors that look cool and refreshing.

This offer also comes with Belkin’s Power Pack 1000. Not only will you get an awesome media player, you’ll also get a portable battery pack to charge said media player.

It is true that the iPod nano will last a while (around 30 hours of music) before you drain the battery, but at least you know you will still be occupied on the 31st hour. If not, well, you can still charge your other mobile devices with the Belkin Power Pack 1000.

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