Loving the Cat: Puma P1000 Coupon for Half

You know what we love about Puma? Their designs are always very tasteful. They know how to be fashionable without going over-the-top. Of course they’re also very functional. Style can only take you so far. So if you put on something like, say their running shoes, you know you’ll be getting an excellent pair that not only looks good, but makes you perform better. We also have to mention that they have fantastic collections like the motorsports teams. You have officially licensed gear from the Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team, BMW Motorsports, as well as Ducati.

You know what else we love about Puma? They’re half-off on iGrab. That’s right! Grab this offer from us for only P500. That’ll entitle you to purchase double that amount. For the mathematically challenged, that’s P1000 worth of stuff. If the stuff you want to buy amount to P4000 or more, you can combine two coupons for a P2000 discount (math is great isn’t it?).

Now, aren’t those great reasons to love Puma?

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