More Than Capable 5-Incher: Lenovo Mobile S880

It is a phone? Is it a tablet? Is it a media player? Is it an Internet device? Why, the Lenovo Mobile S880 is all of the above! Here’s the cherry on top, it’s a massive 5-incher. That’s right, it’s a phone, tablet, media player, and Internet device in one massive device; and that’s a good thing. It means that you won’t have to squint just to read text messages nor would you have hourly migraines for watching videos on a small screen.

If you think that’s all the S880 can do, it also has a rear camera as well so that you can capture unforgettable memories in photos or videos. Need a device to chat face to face via Skype? Yup, the S880 does that too with its front-facing camera!

The phone is so massive that it does not only fit one SIM but two SIMs. It’s a dual-SIM phone as well!

Since the S880 is using Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, you’ll get access to the massive library of apps from Google’s Play Store including but not limited to Angry Birds, 4 Pics 1 Word, Candy Crush, Facebook, Instagram, FlipBoard, and more.

Are you afraid that with all the capabilities of the S880 the battery will run dry in a few hours? You shouldn’t have worried. The S880 has a massive 2250 mAh battery that will last all day.

An massive all-in-one mobile device that is more than capable of anything at such a terrific offer, the Lenovo Mobile S880.

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