Paranara Korean Restaurant

Paranara Korean Restaurant

Looking for something delicious and unique? Appease your cravings with authentic Korean flavors in these appetizing CashCashPinoy deals at Paranara Korean Restaurant:  

Only P199 instead of P430 for a Set Menu for 2 persons which includes Double Bibimbap, 2 pcs. Chicking (legs), and 2 glasses of Iced Tea!

Only P360 instead of P715 for a Set Menu for 4 persons which includes Kimchi, Odeng (fish cake), Kimchi Chigae, Chapchae, 4 pcs. Chiking (legs or wings), and 4 glasses of Iced Tea!

Munch your way to the land of K-Pop and Psy with hot and comforting dishes at Panarana. Being at this hip resto will make your taste buds happy and contented as they offer a variety of sumptuous Korean appetizers, soup, main entrees, noodles, and vegetables dishes. Located along Katipunan Avenue, Q.C., this resto has a casual vibe that’s perfect for students and foodies.

Get ready to fulfill your gastronomic desires by getting any of these Group Set Menus.

For the Set Menu for 2, enjoy rice topped with veggies, meat slices, and egg in the Bibimbap. Enjoy authentic Korean chicken that’s spicy and sweet with the Chicking and pair that with Iced Tea.  

Share a delightful meal for 4 with a feast fit for a hungry pack. The Kimchi is an iconic side dish with its unmistakable vibrant red hue and chunks of cabbage in a spicy pickling mix. The Odeng is another ubiquitous dish of fish cakes which you can immediately follow by the Kimchi Chigae which is a traditional kimchi soup with pork and bean curd. Chew flavorful glass noodles with veggies in the Chapchae then round it off with tasty Chicking pieces and Iced Tea.

Savor a mouth-watering and exotic Korean food blow out only at Panarana Korean Restaurant and CashCashPinoy deals!


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