Divide and Offer: Urban Kitchen Two-in-One Beverage Dispenser

At any house party, it’s always a battle for space between the food and the drinks. If you want to serve more food, you’ll need to sacrifice space for the drinks or vice versa.

You could have a beverage dispenser where you can serve one drink to a lot of people. The problem with having just one beverage dispenser is that the rest of our drinks are left on the wayside until the dispenser runs dry. On the other hand, having two dispensers just takes too much room.

If only there was a way to have more than one dispenser while still saving space…

Fortunately, Urban Kitchen has solved that particular problem by dividing one container into two. We know what you’re thinking, “What? Why didn’t we think of that?” Well, the folks at Urban Kitchen have thought of it so that you didn’t have to. By creating a two-in-one dispenser, you can serve two drinks while saving space for more food.

With the Urban Kitchen Two-in-One Beverage Dispenser, you won’t have to sacrifice space for either the food or drinks. Plus, your guests will be satisfied gastronomically. Everyone wins!

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