3-Days/2-Nights Puerto Princesa Getaway with Airfare, Transfers, Accommodation & Tour for P6250 instead of P14400

Days spent tearing through the jungle as your kayak rushes through the bays of Palawan. The evening sun slowly nodding off as your hammock swings gently on the terrace of hotel suite. The perfect vacation lies somewhere in between daring and indulgent. Fill your days with adventure and your nights with pleasure with a 3-days/2-nights stay in Puerto Princesa, where you’ll be greeted with welcome drinks to celebrate your arrival in Palawan, one of the most wonderful islands of the Philippines. How will you get there? By airplane of course, because a round-trip airfare is included in this package for a total of P6250 per person.

Venture forth each day into a daily adventure activity: Enjoy an exciting Underground River Tour, Honda Bay Cruise or Firefly Cruise, which will take you to the beautiful and exotic small islands in that area. Make sure to have your camera ready in order to get ahold of these wonderful moments. Along with a delicious lunch on the boat and a island tour guide, your indefatigable escorts will explain the flora and fauna of the region as your explorations unfold. Upon your return, your stay will ensure that your dynamic days will pay off with plenty of pampering. Soak your weary bones into one of the plenty white sand beaches in Palawan, which already will await you near the hotel.

This unique travel package focuses around soft adventure, tranquility and jungle luxury. Looks like you finally found that perfect vacation.

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