Buy a Pizza, Take a Pizza: One Scrumptious 15-inch Pizza & One 15-Inch Formaggi Pizza at Ristorante Bigoli starting at P610

Have pizza, will travel, or so the adage goes. Italian food takes you to the cliff-hanging, al fresco on cobblestones or by the shore ristorante of your daydreams. Get your full-fledged Italian dining experience by way of pizza with today’s MetroDeal: Buy One Scrumptious 15-inch Pizza and Take One 15-Inch Formaggi Pizza at Ristorante Bigoli at P610 instead of P1110 for Pepperoni Classico, Bianca Pizza Bacon or Tutta Carne Pizza; P620 instead of P1120 for Quattro Gusto; or P690 instead of P1190 for Bigoli’s Supremo.

Tough choices, all fantastico! Just home in on what makes your mouth tingle with anticipation the most, and it’s a sure thing that each slice is loaded with hefty pizza goodness. Ristorante Bigoli cuts no corners, and each layer of pizza is made with meticulously chosen ingredients to give you that zesty, tart, cheesy, savory, creamy, meaty, impeccable flavor you expect, or a deliciously crazy combo of all those in just one mouthful. After all, Italians are not known for restraint when it comes to food and the enjoyment of it. Your second layer, Formaggi Pizza, or better known as Cheese Overload Pizza for obvious reasons, is made of oodles of premium cheese upon premium cheese, no wonder it’s one of Ristorante Bigoli’s best sellers.

Eat the pizzas at the restaurant amidst the lively chatter of the other diners, in the warm ambiance of the place, or have them to-go to be savored (or devoured, understandably) in front of Breaking Bad or Mad Men. With no effort beyond lifting a finger, call Ristorante Bigoli and they’d be happy to oblige you and deliver pizzas hot off the oven straight to your doorstep. At Ristorante Bigoli, there’s Italia in every bite.

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