15 WTF Wedding Pictures

#15 Old School
This wedding seems just plain wild — kicking back to the good old fraternity days with the keg. Not sure if we’re laughing harder at the upside down bride or her girlfriend’s red socks.

#14 Whaddup gentlemen?
Nice wedge flip flops, ladies. That’s the only thing we noticed in this picture…

#13 I know kungfu
This is what happens when the bride finds out on the wedding day that the groom slept with her maid of honor.

#12 Where’s Waldo?
This has to be one of the easiest games of Where’s Waldo that we’ve played… but our question is, didn’t the two nonchalant wedding guests in back say anything?

#11 Some kind of king
Burger King, that is. This bridge and groom sure know what they want in terms of cakes, decorations, and bridal fascinators.

#10 No more waiting
This couple may have waited until marriage, but their dogs don’t have the same kind of patience.

#9 Exercise your rights
We’re not sure if these guys got married on a paintball farm or if this photo embodies everything that may be wrong with this society. (Redneck Randal approves.)

#8 Pony ride
What a gentlemen — chivalry clearly isn’t dead. This groom lets his wife ride the big horse while he himself opts for the little pony. Or is that a donkey?

#7 At the zoo
Reptiles have fun at this wedding — to the bride’s horror.

#6 An offer he can’t refuse
There’s no messing with this bride. We’re sure it’s the father-in-law who sent two shirtless retired gangsters to look after his little girl.

#5 Jump for it
The girls at this wedding sure got competition for the bouquet from this acrobatic gentleman.

#4 Belle of the ball
She’s got a Disney princess dress, he’s got a bottle of vodka. Their friends are dressed as Team Jacob — is this a Disney/Twilight mash-up wedding?

#3 Apple of my eye
She’s a psychedelic graphic artist slash DJ by night… he’s chasing the rainbow for a pot of gold. Could this be the quintessential modern St. Patrick’s Day wedding?

#2 Magic Mike hour
Don’t the Magic Mike festivities end with the bachelorette party? This wedding seems just a little too exciting for the in-laws to handle.

#1 Like a rose
Oh what a beautiful picture I really like the . . . wait, are you sniffing a porta-john?