Back to School Promo: 1-Day Access to Crocodile Park Manila & Crocoseum for P99 instead of P300 – Fun Family Trip

Though the phobia of crocodiles has not been scientifically named yet, literature tells us that Captain Hook was one among the first who picked up this irrational fear. Leave crocophobia in Neverland and enjoy the company of these friendly reptiles with today’s MetroDeal: Get a 1-Day Pass to Crocodile Park Manila and Crocoseum for P99 instead of P300 per person as a Back to School Promo.

Young and old folks will certainly enjoy Crocodile Park Manila’s spectacular shows, featuring none other than impressive but equally fearsome crocodiles. Brace yourself and take on a close encounter with these lovely creatures in the Crocodile Feeding and Crocodile Dancing shows. Be amazed with the skeletal display of these striking reptiles while you and your kids learn tidbits of facts at the Crocoseum. Get to know more about their habitat and know how they interact with others in this educational trip.

Hoping to disseminate awareness on taking good care of crocodiles and the wildlife in general, the Davao Crocodile Park established its base in Manila to reach families in urban areas, who often times forget about the importance of having a balanced ecosystem. With this special MetroDeal offer, you and your family can get the chance to show how much you care for Mother Nature by learning how to build enduring relationships between people and wildlife.

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