Scars & Stretch Marks, Be Gone: Sellas Fractional Laser at Skin & Shape Up Center SM Fairview for P999 instead of P15000

Thank heavens beauty comes with a price and that price is now discounted at 93% off with today’s MetroDeal: Experience Smoother Skin without Scars and Stretch Marks thru Sellas Fractional Laser at Skin & Shape Up Center for P999 instead of P15000.

Skin & Shape Up Center’s Sellas Fractional Laser is a step up from the ablative skin resurfacing treatments of the past that at times meant weeks of flaking, swelling and itchy skin. Nobody has time for beauty rituals that come with too much pain for too little gain at too slow a pace. Sellas Fractional Laser resurfaces skin by stimulating remodeling of the skin tissue to regenerate new skin cells without the fractional array of microbeams causing bulk damage making Sellas Fractional Laser gentler and needing less downtime compared to traditional skin resurfacing treatments.

Though not entirely pain-free, Sellas Fractional Laser at Skin & Shape Up Center is by leaps and bounds also more comfortable. A topical anesthetic is applied on your skin before treatment to contain the discomfort. After treatment, you’re prescribed pain relievers to ease any distress you might feel. For best results, keep out of the sun and use sun protection during the day if you need to run errands. With a few sessions of Sellas Fractional Laser spaced about a month apart, expect dramatic results you’ll be happy about: facial skin clearer and verging on velvety where there used to be “moon craters”, or smoother skin where stretch marks snaked through once.

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