Dry Your Clothes Indoor and Beat the Rainy Season with an Easidry Collapsible Clothes Dryer for P1999 instead of P4500

The rainy season is upon us and with the downpour comes longer drying time for clothes and that dreadful scent that goes with it. Don’t let the season dampen your spirits and just hang in there with today’s MetroDeal: an Easidry Collapsible Clothes Dryer for P1999 instead of P4500.

The Easidry Clothes Dryer has a collapsible structure that lets you hang your clothes, bags and even shoes to dry in the middle of a very damp weather. Simply hang garments inside the Easidry unit, plug it in, zip up and turn on the dryer.

The pressure causes the hot air to circulate around the fabrics and static draws out moisture and the heat evaporates it.  In just an hour, clothes will be dried and ready to wear or store in your cabinet. It’s ideal for small apartments and condominium units without much space to spare as the dryer folds away easily after every use. It dries clothes gently through the blow-drying convection so your clothes remain protected, without those spin dry snags & damages. 

The Easidry is perfect for those clothing emergencies even after the rainy season. Now you have a closet in which you can hang your wet clothes and through the warm air circulation, they dry quicker than you thought possible. With its collapsible feature, you can even take it on your travel.

Keep it warm & dry with this latest offer from MetroDeal and get 56% off their retail price.

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