Keep Your Beauty & Hygiene Essentials Compact with a Travelmate Kit Toiletries Bag for P249 instead of P650 – Save 62%

Venturing yet on another adventure to the office requires you to bring a sword pen, a tablet on which you can list down new quests, potion-like energy drinks and a magical stash for essentials: a Travelmate Kit Toiletries Bag for P249 instead of P650.

Even if you’re not an avid traveler, it is basic that you bring essentials such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste when you go to the office or somewhere out of town. However, the problem with most toiletry kits nowadays it that they tend to be too big to carry along with you when you want to travel lightly. Travelmate Kit Toiletries Bag eliminates the hassle of packing beauty and hygiene products. The bag’s cool, foldable design lets you carry your kit like a pouch. It also has a hook so you can hang it behind the car seat or on the clothes rack.

The Travelmate Kit Toiletries Bag is your mobile storage solution for those essentials and other nifty items. Get today’s MetroDeal to save 62% from the retail price and take it anywhere you go so you can maintain hygiene at all times.

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