Celebrate Joyful Moments with a Box of 12 Delectable Macarons by King of Macarons for P175 instead of P399

Magnificent as flying hot air balloons in the sky, handing luscious macarons to guests brings smiles in every bite. However if there’s no pilot to lead in the kitchen, then it’s better to get these sweets from an artisan pastry Chef.  Taste sweet snacks to knock pale mealtime with today MetroDeal: for P175 instead of P399 delight in a box of Macarons of different colors by King of Macarons.

Established many years ago in the picturesque city of Quezon City, pastry chef Michelle is an artisan bakery and champion of traditional recipes, offering only the most delicious tastes in town. While freshly baked wares cannot yet be transmitted via email, cake connoissers can simply order through the phone.

Serving this ready-to-be-eaten delicious macarons to your guests cuts down on long times behind the stove. Gone are the obnoxious protestations that a slice of cake is too big; because these macarons are simply wonderful, you’ll be too consumed with the childlike delight of devouring the artful edibles to think about blown diets and foreign occupation.

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