Delicious in a Box: Indulge in Box of 6 Scrumptious 4-Inch Pies from The Little Pie Company for P245 instead of P380

Sometimes you just want a good, filling snack on the go without the hassle. Easy to heat, easy to eat, enjoy pies that are the perfect snack for the entire family with today’s MetroDeal: Indulge in Box of 6 Scrumptious 4-Inch Pies with 5 Flavor Choices from The Little Pie Company for P245 a Box instead of P380 – Save 36%.

Each pie is a tasty and healthy well-balanced meal on its own, with generous amounts of protein and vegetables. What do you say to that? “I want some!” would sound about right. “I want more!” is even better. With each box, you’re in luck no matter what flavor you choose. There’s the delectable Chicken Pie made of succulent chicken and veggies blanketed with creamy white sauce. For a bit of trivia, The Little Pie Company had its start with the Chicken Pie, then came the others such as the Moo Pie which is chunks of beef brisket stewed for hours until fork-tender and mish-mashed with mushrooms, veggies and the secret-ingredient gravy. For cheese lovers, you’ll find the Cheesy Sausage Pie sublime: flavorful Italian sausage, sweet caramelized onions and smooth, savory cheese sauce with every bite. The Mediterranean Veggie Pie, on the other hand, is loaded with creamy cheese and healthful vegetables like zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, onion, and mushroom. Who can say no to that?

Finally, the Apple Delight is a delectable feast of cooked apples with just the right balance of sweetness and tanginess with a hint of cinnamon. Here’s a thought: heat it and serve it with ice cream on top. Now that is one scrumptious plate. All the pies are made with only the freshest ingredients and baked to order so that they get to you oozing with flavor and aroma, tasting very “straight from the oven to your plate.” Goodness in every delicious bite. You can also order a box of assorted pies—it’s one way to get the best of five worlds.

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