Level Up Your Confidence with Underarm Whitening Treatment at 808 Derma and Slimming Centre for P99 instead of P3000

Sporting wicking sleeveless or bikini while running in the treadmill, playing volleyball in the beach or swimming in the pool is exactly everyone does from time to time. Don’t have your dark underarms exposed during these instances – take preventive actions with today’s MetroDeal: P99 instead of P3000 for an underarm whitening treatment at 808 Derma & Slimming Centre await those who want to escape awkward situations.

So what’s the big buzz? Underarm skin is known to be sensitive and will darken easily due to various factors, such as irritation from deodorants or plucking and shaving, causing traumatization of the axillary area and ultimately darkening. It’s also caused by metabolic problems and hormonal changes during pregnancy. But first and foremost, they always result in diffidence and scenarios; you’d rather like to escape.

To avoid this, at 808 Derma & Slimming Centre your both underarms will be treated with rich and potent intense peeling lotion to effectively exfoliate the dark pigment of the skin and by applying whitening cream made with vitamin C to brighten and even out your individual skin tone. Affecting the underarm skin’s dermal layers, collagen production is thereby enhanced. Enjoy the refreshing feel of special and unique peel developed by 808 Derma & Slimming Centre to clean blocked pores and further improve skin tone, to leave your underarm skin smooth and soft with a lasting effect.

In their clinic, 808 Derma & Slimming Centre provide a variety of different beauty treatments ranging from the latest technology innovations to more traditional, tried and tested techniques. The therapists are always on hand to offer expert advice to help clients achieve their aerodynamic goals.

The predominance of calming colors at 808 Derma & Slimming Centre’s in MetroDeal epitomises the symbiotic purity and modernity they offer. The cool, clean lines and prominent lighting create an impeccable atmosphere that is complemented by comfortable furnishings, reflecting the welcoming and quality service inherent in all their treatments. Their large and spacious clinic is adeptly equipped with the latest medical and cosmetic products and equipment to fulfil all beautification needs and desires.

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