Protect & Enjoy Your iPad Mini with an Attractively Colored Must-Have Cover for P999 instead of P1499

Get your iPad Mini to stand at attention, level with you and serve you in the wonderful ways that only an iPad can—no matter how small. At the same time, return the love by protecting your iPad Mini, all 7.9 inches of it, with today’s Metrodeal: Protect & Enjoy Your Small Yet Mighty iPad Mini with an Attractively Colored Must-Have Smart Cover for P999 instead of P1499 – Save 33%.

Take full advantage of the iPad Mini’s fluid performance with Smart Cover. Enjoy all the things that an iPad can deliver, from the small to the big things such as watching videos, reading,  editing photos, jumping from app to app, page to page, game to game without having to hold your tablet. You see, Smart Cover transforms itself from a trusty protective case to a handy stand that buoys the iPad Mini securely and allows you to do the aforementioned activities comfortably.

The next time you find yourself with about seven inches of tabletop, wake your iPad Mini up just by opening its Smart Cover, and proceed to write, watch, play, create and simply have fun without cramping your fingers and wrists. You can also launch Facetime or iSightthe Mini, and take as many selfies as you want, for hours on end. For everything that Smart Cover lets you to do easy-peasy, it retains your iPad Mini’s pencil-thin svelteness and awesome performance. It’s the little things like those that count.

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