It's Fun to Sing in the Philippines: WOW! Mabuhay Plus (TKR301-U)

Sing your heart out to your favorite OPM and international music hits with the WOW! Mabuhay Plus Videoke. Sing to your heart’s content with more than 3,000 songs to choose from including the latest K-Pop hits.

The base kit of the WOW! Mabuhay Plus comes at an affordable P6999 which includes 2 wired microphones along with the actual unit. Hook up is easy with only a few cables to plug in and you’re ready to sing your lungs out to “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey.

3,000 plus songs are still not enough to satisfy your musical appetite? No problem. You can choose to add the Music Video Pack 10 for P9999 which adds another 326 songs from the already vast library of the WOW! Mabuhay Plus. You can see the full list of songs in their website.

It wouldn’t be karaoke if there was no way to quantifiably say that you’re a better singer than the others. That’s why the WOW! Mabuhay Plus also comes with real-time scoring with up to two levels.

Grab the WOW! Mabuhay Plus and impress your friends and family with your singing talents… or at least clear the streets of stray cats and dogs around your home.

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