Music Maestro: WOW! Concert Pro (TKR320U)

Filipinos do love our Karaoke. Every chance we get we will find a way to hook up the karaoke machine and belt our favorite ballades all night long – no matter what our neighbors shout at us.

Now, it’s even easier to annoy our neigh… uhh, we mean enjoy ourselves with the WOW! Concerto Pro. It’s a simple process of hooking up all the cables and connect the Concert Pro to the TV and done. In fact, it’s designed to be easy and portable. This means that you can bring the joys of karaoke as long as there is a TV, electricity, and willing singers. With its 2GB memory, you can choose from more than 3,000 songs from both local and international artists.

With its two wireless microphones, you can mate your singing prowess with your dancing skills as well.

Grab the WOW! Concert Pro and show the world the you are the Music Maestro with the WOW! Concerto Pro.

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