Enjoy a Foodie-Faved Eat-All-You-Can Buffet by the Seaside at Josefina Garden Grill & Restaurant for P249 instead of P500

Are you a gourmet? A gourmand? Well, it doesn’t matter what you are, there’s something about Josefina Garden Grill & Restaurant that attracts star chefs to it like moths to a flame. Figure out why with today’s MetroDeal: Enjoy a Foodie-Faved Lunch or Dinner Buffet by the Seaside at Josefina Garden Grill & Restaurant for P249 instead of P500.

Back in 1978, Josefina “Ka Josie” Salamat founded her food business as just a counter outlet at Philippine Women’s University’s Bayanihan Paseo with pasta and sandwiches. Two years later, she and her staff opened their very first cafeteria in front of San Miguel Corporation’s Polo Brewery, and the rest as they say is history. Form there Ka Josie started servicing San Miguel plants all over the country with chefs from renowned hotels and restaurants jumping ship to join her team. They now also have restaurants like Cocina Pampanguena, Cocina Oriental, Café Josefina, and Josefina Garden Grill & Restaurant. That’s the story in a nutshell, just to draw a picture of the kind of specialties the house is capable of laying before you in grand fashion.

Josefina Garden Grill & Restaurant doesn’t cut corners. They serve Filipino and international cuisines that please both gourmet and gourmands alike, dishes that other dampa restaurants don’t serve at all. Get a big taste of it with a Lunch or Dinner Buffet that doesn’t scrimp on offerings. The food that awaits you is not your run-of-the-mill spread. They’re laying out—get a load of this­­— a Grilling Buffet Station with an array of fresh seafood, meat and poultry; a Shabu Shabu Buffet Station with mouthwatering soups with noodles, meat and vegetables, and with condiments and toppings of all kinds; a Sizzling and Carving Station; and the Grand Buffet Station with traditional Filipino cuisine, desserts and the restaurant’s bestsellers. Most everything is cooked fresh in front of you. No wonder Chef Laudico and Penk Ching (of Beijing Olympics’ official cake fame) eagerly approve.

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