P210 instead of P450 for a Stress-Releasing Bentosa Massage Treatment at Hendy Mitchel's Spa & Massage – Save 53%

Coax stress and trapped air into leaving your body with magical cups that bestow relief upon your limbs in such a  masterful way with today’s MetroDeal: Heavenly Soothing: Indulge in a Relaxing Bentosa Massage at Hendy Mitchel’s Salon for P210 instead of P450 – Save 53%.

Bentosa Massage (also known as Cupping Therapy) is a centuries-old technique done with a sturdy glass placed on accupoints on your back to relieve it of trapped air that causes aches and pains. To create a vacuum, an upturned glass is heated by the flame of a burning cotton ball. When the oxygen burns out, the cup is ready and is then placed on your back to suction out “bad air” which is moved to the parts of the body where it can flow out. You will notice your skin redden under the cup but that only means circulation has reached your skin’s surface. The mark will fade in a day or two.

Bentosa is best followed by a full-body massage that rolls, kneads and pushes out traces of bad vibes out the door. Doing so will rebalance your body and recharge your energy levels by letting your qi run free. Combining Bentosa and massage will effectively unblock your Meridians and get your flagging qi rise enthusiastically to the day-to-day challenges that await just beyond the spa walls. Make it a regular part of your wellness regimen. You deserve it more often than you think.

The warm and welcoming décor of the Hendy Mitchel`s Spa & Massage, accentuated by lustrous, relaxing interiors, and pretty plants, exudes a positive energy amid a picturesque setting, ensuring that guests will leave in a state of giddy care-free euphoria.

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