Work Comfortably with a Foldable Dual-Fanned Laptop Table for P599 instead of P1200 – Free Delivery

Laptops and notebooks have always spelled freedom from being chained to a desk, but hours hunched over these portable gadgets takes its toll, not to say anything of how they actually make your lap burn up uncomfortably. Your next move when you’re in bed is to slide down, half-lying down, and to place the thing on your stomach. Bad for the stomach, bad for the back, a bad idea all around. Get a good idea with today’s MetroDeal: Free Your Lap & Work at Ease with a Foldable Dual-Fanned Laptop Table for P599 instead of P1200 – Free Delivery.

The multi-purpose table folds out ready for use in just secondsso you can write, draw or even eat while working, and anywhere you choose. Relax in bed, lounge on the sofa or sit on the floor with it comfortably. You can even use in transit should you get caught in traffic yet have the luxury of not driving. The table’s adjustable height of up to 310mm means you can keep your back straight and the back pains at bay.

Get out your mouse, place it on the built-in mouse pad, then get yourself a cup of coffee. With the table’s cup tray, don’t worry about overturned drinks and literally sticky keys. The two fans make sure your gadget doesn’t turn itself off unceremoniously and losing you snippets of precious work. The table folds unto itself into a handy box you can stash in your tote, table drawer or your car’s glove compartment. With the Foldable Dual-Fanned Laptop Table, turn the tables on discomfort.

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