Get a Fresh & Mesmerizing Look with an Eye Bag or Double Chin Removal at SkinClinique for P99 instead of P550 – Save 82%

Blaming The Cure and other Goth rock bands for those heavy eye bags is as futile as telling your friends that double chin is the next “in” thing with celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Stop over-rationalizing and get today’s MetroDeal: a face-rejuvenating double chin or eye bag removal at SkinClinique for P99 instead of P550.

SkinClinique utilizes the latest in technology to comfortably banish eye bags and excess facial cellulites to the realm of nostalgic 90s shows, leaving facial features more defined and prominent. Double chins are treated through non-invasive techniques involving advanced technology, which emits high frequency signals to burn fat and tighten the skin by cellular regeneration. Known as the most effective treatment for facial slimming and rejuvenation, it precisely pinpoints the areas needed to be treated. The refreshing eye bag treatment, on the other hand, entails non-surgical face lifting, achieved through the application of special serum to achieve maximum beautification effects. Designed to revitalize skin by reducing the appearance of facial lines or bags under the eyes, the procedure assists dramatically in the improvement of overall skin elasticity.

Indeed, most women would rather deny the truth than face it, but you can finally be free from telling hundreds of lame excuses to your friends with this latest offer from MetroDeal while getting 82% off their published rates.

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