Enjoy a Luscious 8-inch Banoffee Pie or a Delightful Turtle Pie from Sweet Creations for P249 instead of P500

Remember Keira Knightley’s character, Juliet, offering Mark some pie in Love Actually? That’s some defining moment for a pie made of bananas, toffee, condensed milk and whipped cream; Juliet took one giant leap for mankind doing that. The internet then swam in questions about what she was coaxing Mark with out of his seeming contempt for her. Banoffee Pie, Banoffee Pie. Created in East Essex but thanks to that movie, it’s now part of popular culture the world over, and no longer 7000 miles away from your dessert plate.

Turtle Pie was a bit slower to take, what with no movie backing it up but it gained momentum on its own as everyone who’s tried it tend to not forget it, and order it in cafes again and again and again. The fanfare was fan-generated. Why? Because Turtle Pie is caramel, caramel! Pecans, pecans! Chocolate chips and chocolate-filled for good measure. It’s the very definition of a scrumptious and luscious dessert.  It’s called Turtle Pie because the pecans sitting on top look like turtle shells. Should you see it on the table, run to it like the hare in the story and don’t stop to rest.

Lucky you, both pies are available at Sweet Creations, an art gallery really of not-so-ordinary pies and cakes that you can eat and have, too. They’re passionate and gravitate away from the usual beige chiffon fare. They want dessert to be an event in and of itself, and not just something to finish things off. For them, pies and cakes can be the main entry. Sweet Creations is in E. Rodriguez, Quezon City, just a hop, skip and jump away.

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