See Mga Kuwento ni Tita Beauty by Nestor Torre & Ryan Cayabyab with Snacks at Mabuhay Restop for P161 instead of P215

There’s a kid in all of us. The child who lapped up stories is never truly gone. Filipinos have a knack for storytelling, and, hands-down, two of those Filipinos are Nestor U. Torre and Ryan Cayabyab. Be regaled by today’s MetroDeal: See Mga Kuwento ni Tita Beauty by Nestor Torre & Ryan Cayabyab with a Filipino Merienda at Mabuhay Restop for P161 instead of P215.

Who can ever forget Ryan Cayabyab’s soulful songs sung by the country’s best songbirds? Think back to Armida Siguion-Reyna, Lea Salonga and Regine Velasquez singing his ballads, losing themselves in his music just as much everybody watching. He does again and with Nestor U. Torre at the helm with him. Nestor has been writing just as vigorously as Ryan has been making music. Nestor’s opinions on everything from theater to politics, from art to food, are well-read, highly valued and well-loved.

How wonderful then, but not very surprising, that they continue on this path collaboratively, and this time with children as their target audience. They do have a lot of wisdom to impart.

In the tradition of the Lola Basyang tales, Torre and Cayabyab stages a theatrical storytelling kids’ show at Mabuhay Restop using the voice and persona of Tita Beauty, a lady not so well-endowed in the looks department but more than makes up for it by simply being the best that she can be. Mga Kuwento ni Tita Beauty is made up of six original tales in Filipino and English brimming with moral lessons. Needless to say, bring the children along as the stories are relevant to the kind of societal issues they face nowadays. Bullying, the meaning of true beauty and the value of self are among the themes Tita Beauty will bravely tread upon. Through the six stories, children (ok, adults as well) will hopefully see the world as a little less daunting.

Mga Kwento ni Tita Beauty comes with a Filipino merienda all the more to hail back fond memories of childhood.

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