Experience a Uniquely Soothing Northern Thai Massage at Hendy Mitchel`s Spa & Massage for P125 instead of P250

If a relaxing ancient form of massage with gentle stretching thrown in sounds like music to the ears, imagine how your limbs will feel the moment a pair of expert hands work their magic on them. Feel a different kind of heaven with today’s MetroDeal: Experience Yoga Massage with a Uniquely Soothing Northern Thai Massage at Hendy Mitchel`s Salon for P125 instead of P250.

Northern-style Thai massage involves a skilled massage therapist using hands, legs, and feet to coax your body into a series of yoga stretches to rebalance your body’s alignments. Acupressure, joint mobilization, and muscle compression are all incorporated into this Ayurveda-similar massage. Acupressure, by targeting your body’s acu-points, helps restore balance by soothing and de-clogging blocked energy passage ways. Joint mobilization, on the other hand, utilizes slow and measured movements to realign bones and joints that may be out of synch and causing pain. Muscle compression reduces muscle tension which then allows your sore muscles to recover faster than before.

As one, the yoga stretches and all the other components of the Northern-style Thai Massage manipulate your body’s major energy lines to stimulate passages, and move oxygen and trapped air along. Northern-style Thai Massage improves blood circulation, among others, and is even known to bring the body’s natural oils to the surface thereby hydrating your skin and rejuvenating you. All throughout the massage session, this ancient art is carefully matched to your own breathing ‘til you can increasingly feel a oneness with your own body.

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