4-Days/3-Nights Stay in Beijing, Transfers, Full-board Meals & City Tour for P4599 instead of P12500

A vast and symmetrical metropolis, BÄ›ijÄ«ng is the orderly seat of the communist political power in China, so its architecture traces each and every mood swing from 1949 to the present, from felled hútòng (narrow alleys) to huge underground bomb shelters scooped out during the paranoid 1970s. One moment you are sizing up a blank Soviet-style monument, the next you spot a vast, shimmering tower rising up from the footprint of a vanished temple.

History may have been trampled in BÄ›ijÄ«ng over the past half century, but there’s still much more substance here than in China’s other dynastic capitals, bar NánjÄ«ng or KÄ?ifÄ“ng. You just need to do a bit of hunting and patient exploration to find the historical narrative. It’s also essential to sift the genuine from the fake: some of BÄ›ijÄ«ng’s once-illustrious past has been fitfully resurrected in the trompe-l’oeil of rebuilt monuments. Colossal flyovers and multilane boulevards heave with more than three million cars but ample pockets of historical charm survive. It’s the city’s epic imperial grandeur, however, that is truly awe-inspiring.

Experience all the splendor of Beijing with a 4-days/3-nights stay for P4599 instead of P12500 per person.

Itinerary in Detail:

Day 1: Manila – Beijing (L)
Arrival at Beijing airport, meet and transfer to visit Tian An Men Square, The Forbidden City

Day 2: Beijing (B, L, D) Bus
Great Wall (Juyongguan), Beijing Zoon (Including Panda Garden)

Day 3: Beijing (B, L, D) Bus
Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Olympic Green Common Domain, Bird Nest (Outside) and Water Cube (Outside). Wangfujing Shopping Street

Day 4: Beijing – Manila (B)
Free until transfer to airport

Shop Stop: Jade and Tea Shop, Silk & Herbal Medicine

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