3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set with Peeler & Stand for P959 instead of P2000

After years of slicing slabs of beef and pork, have you at last mastered the art of sharpening knives that have lost their rapier-like qualities? It’s an art not many would like to hone, so most likely you relegate those knives to the back of the drawer hoping they’ll fade into oblivion as you fish out shiny new ones from your shopping bag of tricks. Put an end to that vicious cycle with lifetime knives that never ever need sharpening and never ever rust with today’s MetroDeal: Get a 3-Piece Ceramic Knife Set with Peeler & Stand for P959 instead of P2000 with Free Delivery.

Because they don’t rust, ceramic knives are less prone to harboring bacteria that can render the food you slice into a petri dish of potential tummy-twisters. Keep your family safe by preparing dishes sans the harmful pathogens while at the same time having fun doing an otherwise boring chore. Ceramic knives are much lighter which makes chopping less of a strain on your grip and wrist. Just let the forever-sharp blade glide through those tomatoes, carrots and pounds of steaks.

The peeler is also ceramic to complete your set of kitchen aids that will last you years and years of service. Display the knives in their very own stylishly sleek stand to keep them always on the ready for things that need cutting down to size—in a good way, that is.

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