P899 instead of P1791 for 10-Meter Rope LED Christmas Lights

It may be the coldest season of the year, but there’s no stopping to make the brightest and warmest Christmas celebration with today’s MetroDeal. Choose colored or white design and get a 10-meter long Rope LED Christmas lights, which will surely lighten up everyone’s heart in your (or your friend’s) home for P899 instead of P1791.

The custom of decorating Christmas lights was started by Germany’s high society during the 18th century. Back then, they used candles to light up their trees, which are very impractical and hazardous. The 20th century saw many advances in producing light through electricity, and the invention of light-emitting diodes made the world brighter literally.

The set of rope LED Christmas lights aren’t just ordinary Christmas lights because it uses 33% less electricity, making it more efficient and thus, saving you money. Wrapped in a transparent insulator, it’s the ideal choice for foyer, windows, or gate decoration.

To decorate a Christmas tree is a worldwide tradition, but these LED Christmas decorations will truly light up your heart this Christmas and will make it a time not only of splendor and festivity, but also one with a lot of sparkle.

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