Instant Hang Peg Dispenser for P399 instead of P999

You know that feeling when you suddenly get the urge to redecorate when your newly framed pictures come back from the framers? It would be nice if you could just glue those frames onto the wall, and not have to drill holes for the nails and screws and whatnot. But, well, glue just won’t cut it and hammering will only cause the baby to wake up. Don’t let inspiration go to waste with today’s MetroDeal: Decorate with Ease and Hang Picture Frames in Just Seconds with an Instant Hang Peg Dispenser for P399 instead of P999.

Hang framed pictures, mirrors and clocks almost as silently as the monks of ancient Burma went about their day. The truth is, imagining the noise from hammering is what often deters you from having a space that is to your satisfaction. So, you languish day in and day out with walls that look as uninspired as a drugstore giveaway calendar. With Instant Hang Peg Dispenser, pegs go into the wall with a quiet “ping”, sharing the same decibel degree as a staple gun.

The next time you get the decorating bug, whether it’s past midnight or during your little one’s nap time, you can work happily in peace and almost effortlessly. With just the neater pinholes, Instant Hang Peg Dispenser also helps you avoid the cracks hammering nails in can inflict on your wall, nor do you need to put up with concrete dust that settles on the floor and furniture when you drill. Instant Hang Peg Dispenser is one of the most convenient ways to change the look of any room in your home. You can even use the angled pegs to keep your tools and kitchen pans organized, and not taking up precious cupboard space. Afterwards hang your Instant Hang Peg Dispenser on its own peg ‘til the next frame-worthy photograph.

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