Set of Rice Christmas Lights for P169 instead of P350

As the holidays fast approach, both the young and old increasingly turn into Sherlock Holmes, unconventionally finding solutions to some of the most complicated problems like deciding what gifts to give and deciphering who Santa really is. Reserve your detective skills for harder ones and solve a problem like Christmas decoration with today’s MetroDeal: a set of Rice Christmas Lights for P169 instead of P350.

The custom of decorating Christmas lights was started by Germany’s high society during the 18th century. Back then, they used candles to light up their trees, which is very impractical and hazardous. The 20th century saw many advances in using electricity to produce lights and one of the innovations was the invention of a string of small lights.

Smaller than traditional lights, rice lights are intended to create fine points of light that’s perfect for decorating wreaths, miniature models, and other petite holiday ornaments. It perfectly winds and wraps Christmas trees, vines, and other home plants for that dramatic effect.

To decorate a Christmas tree is a worldwide tradition, but these Rice Christmas Lights decorations will truly light up your heart this Christmas and will make it a time not only of splendor and festivity, but also one with a lot of sparkle.

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