3-in-1 Ultra-Soft Multifunction Pillow: Comfy Travel Pillow & 2-Way Tablet Holder in 1 for P599 instead of P1300

A rigid tablet stand only works on flat surfaces, but the desk is hardly the only place where you use your gadget. If it is, then you somehow undermine the beauty of having such a portable computer. A more flexible mount is a better idea. Surf, work and watch videos anywhere with today’s MetroDeal: 3-in-1 Ultra-Soft Multifunction Pillow that’s a 2-Way Tablet Holder and a Travel Pillow in one for P599 instead of P1300.

It transforms itself almost magically from a travel pillow—rest your weary neck on it while you’re at your desk or in the car­­—into a cushion that cradles your tablet securely in place at any angle you want. So, you could be lounging by the pool, or on the floor with legs all splayed out in from of you, or on your belly even, and all you want is to enjoy one Vine after another without having to hold your tablet. Just insert your tablet’s four corners into the pillow’s corresponding corner pockets, and you’re set. Change the angle as you change position. Bring it on, YouTube!

We say two-way tablet holder because the pillow also has straps on one side which let you attach it onto the back of either the driver’s or the front passenger’s seat. That way during car trips your restless kiddos at the back will hopefully stay put enjoying a movie while you maneuver the slippery roads or when you’re stuck in traffic with a bottleneck and potential crankiness loom ahead. To transform, just unzip and flip, and watch the pillow contort into what you need right before your eyes.

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