Sleek MicroShave for P289 instead of P600

Why shave like a caveman (he put stick to beard, back and forth, back and forth, and accidentally discovered fire) when you can do it like a Wall Street banker? For that matter, why shave like an 18th century English merchant with a glistening blade when you can do it in less deadly ways? Enjoy the evolution of shaving with today’s Metrodeal: Experience Shaving Revolution, Ditch Your Razor & Get a Clean Shave or Trim with a Sleek MicroShave for P289 instead of P600.

With the MicroShave, you will not nick your chin nor your neck. You can even shave in the dark. Not because you know your face so well, but because the shaver/trimmer is infused with a bright, guiding light. It’s battery-operated (one tiny triple-A batt) and with nothing sharp protruding anywhere, so you can just throw it into your vanity case (what self-respecting vain man doesn’t have one?), and shave in the car during the red light when you’re running late.

With spaceships up in space, shaving should no longer be treacherous nor should it be not done merely out of fear of blood. After all, that window of time when you can rock a five o’clock shadow isn’t that wide. However, if perfectly shaven is not your cup of tea, you can still look perfectly neat as the MicroShave also has two comb attachments which allow you to control the length of your beard, sideburns and even your head hair. Next to his dog, this tiny gadget is a gentleman’s best friend.

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