Universal Clip-On 3-in-1 Lens for Phones, Tablets & Laptops for 799 instead of P2800

What’s the point of eating out if you can’t take photos of that Melted Spanish Chorizo Bruschetta in front of you before it’s ruined with big bites? Well, ok, it is one tasty sandwich, we grant you that. However, eating out, salmon fishing, going to Angkor Wat, baking blueberry cupcakes and especially “Outfits of the Day” have been that much more fun with the advent of the camera phone. Give your photos a leg up with effects that lend to them a sense of wonder with today’s MetroDeal: Take Macro, Fisheye or Wide-Shot Photos with a Universal Clip-On 3-in-1 Lens for Phones, Tablets & Laptops for P799 instead of P2800.

The invention of very handy gadgets with built-in cameras gave a whole new meaning to enjoying life. Half of it is now documented in some form on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It’s almost as if you live to document. So it doesn’t get stale fast, do it in such a way that your pictures are a revelation to look at even if you know not a single thing about apertures. With the Universal Clip-On 3-in-1 Lens, your photos take on a whole new perspective.

So, live, play, create. There’s the Fisheye Lens which distorts an image into the illusion of how a fish would see underwater. It makes for great artistic shots with a panoramic feel. The Wide-Shot Lens, on the other hand, gives the perspective of an object’s distance in relation to its surroundings. Quite panoramic, too, but without the distortion. The Macro Lens magnifies anything you shoot, so you’ll probably see a lady bug’s spots in greater detail. Isn’t that cool? You can also use the Macro Lens to show your Instagram universe the hound’s-tooth detail on the new skirt you bought.

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