Intense Underarm Peel & Whitening Treatment at Skin & Shape Up Center SM Fairview for P149 instead of P1000

Dark underarms can be such a bummer especially when everyone’s wearing trendy tube dresses, fashionable halter tops and diaphanous sleeveless gowns, and you’re dying to do the same. Get fair, velvety-smooth underarms with today’s MetroDeal: Feel Free with an Intense Underarm Peel & Whitening Treatment at Skin & Shape Up Center SM Fariview for P149 instead of P1000.

Underarm skin is known to be sensitive and will darken easily from such things like irritation from deodorants, plucking and shaving, any of which can lead not only to darkening but also to keratosis pilaris or commonly called chicken skin. Darkening can also be caused by metabolic problems and hormonal changes during pregnancy. Whatever the cause, dark underarms when exposed always result in lessened confidence and avoidance of social situations that require clothes that show a bit of skin.

No need to hide forever.  At Skin & Shape Up Center, they have just the treatment for your dark areas. Your underarms will undergo a relaxing underarm cleansing with a whitening scrub followed by gentle exfoliation using genuine microdiamond crystal tips to clean clogged pores effectively. Your underarms are then treated with a richly potent whitening serum to immediately brighten your underarms. The serum penetrates the underarm skin’s dermal layers, and stimulates collagen production to further improve skin tone, leaving your underarm skin smooth, velvety soft and lastingly fair.

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