75 Min. Body Massage with Hot Stones or Ventosa at Oasis Salon & Slimming Spa for P199 instead of P1100

The Universe lets you know things in no uncertain terms.  When you feel your qi flagging to disastrous lows, you feel lethargic because your meridians, or energy passages, are blocked. Get your qi flowing with today’s MetroDeal: Heavenly 75 Mins. Full Body Massage with Hot Stones or Ventosa at Oasis Salon & Slimming Spa for P199 instead of P1100.

You fall ill when your “qi” (energy) can’t flow freely through your system because your “Meridians” (energy channels) are blocked. Rebalance your body and recharge your energy levels by letting your qi run free with Full Body Massage with Ventosa Therapy or Hot Stone Therapy. Ventosa Massage (popularly known as Cupping Therapy) is a centuries-old technique done with a sturdy glass placed on accupoints on your back to relieve it of trapped air that causes aches and pains. To create a vacuum, an upturned glass is heated by the flame of a burning cotton ball. When the oxygen burns out, the cup is ready and is then placed on your back to suction out “bad air” which is moved to the parts of the body where it can flow out. You will notice your skin redden under the cup but that only means circulation has reached your skin’s surface. The mark will fade in a day or two.

Hot Stone Massage is also an ancient art of healing that makes use of river-smoothened rocks rich in iron to effectively retain the heat they get from being immersed in hot water. The stones are then strategically placed on points throughout the body such as your back, between your toes, the palm of your hands and your other energy centers to bring about a sense of balance to your body and mind. The pleasant warmth soothes muscles, improves blood circulation and rebalances your nervous system. Should you want it, pressure may also be applied to the stones by a therapist for more effect. Seventy-five minutes of pure Nirvana at 90% off.

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