83% Off: Korean Digital Perming or Hair Rebonding at GV Guide Hair Salon for P999 instead of P6000

The hottest Korean invention since kimchi, Korean digital perm and rebonding give you the ravishing looks for that coveted job interview or that romantic rendezvous you’ve been yearning for. Today’s MetroDeal offers your hair the very best in rain and weather protection available, short of living inside a hair dryer: for P999 instead of P6000. Regardless of your hair-length, you get a frizz-nuking and hair-blessing rebonding treatment that will add a fantastic shine to your hair, or a digital perm that will leave your surrounding in waves–sorry, in awe. The fabulous hair rebonding and perm treatments offered by the experienced team of GV Guide Hair Salon can be applied to all hair types, normal or colored, short, medium and long. And you’ll even get to enjoy a wonderful haircut!

After being treated to a hair wash and cut of your choice, the process of hair rebonding works by coating each strand in a nutrient-rich layer of protective protein goodness, eliminating frizz and smoothing cuticles. While assessing the type and condition of your hair, one of GV Guide Hair Salon’s hair aficionados will apply a keratin solution to frayed head threads, and after a blow dry, your stylist will iron your locks to seal in the nourishing proteins.

Besides its aesthetic benefits, the blowout can also repair internally damaged hair and create a strong protective coat to prevent further harm. The treatment leaves tresses as smooth and glossy as strands of pure dolphin, free from frizz, tangles, snarls, and blowholes alike. This non-moppish mop will remain in a state of coronal splendor for up to three months, leaving folks free to plunge into tropical humidity swamps without fear of crocodiles getting tangled in their mane.

With the Korean influx still going strong, one brilliant mind came up with the idea of establishing a salon that would make them feel a bit like home. For us, this is the perfect opportunity to know the true promise of the pinnacle of Korean styling.

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